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In seeing and saying how dark or moonlit a “Nocturne” is, we are depending on a multiplicity of voices to highlight this “mood of making”.


These personal, purposeful voices are the beginning of how we might understand a performer’s, a poet’s, an engraver’s, or painter’s movements as form to help us all hear, see, and perhaps feel the meanings intended by the work.

We leave each night and each life in our own ways. This exhibition represents a fragment of the possibilities of what and why art is needed in a time of so much white noise.


—Bill Kelly, gallery director and curator

Visual Artists
Jinane Abbadi, Gretchen Abendschein, Eric Aho, Gerry Biron, Michele Burgess, Candace Chaite, Brian Cohen, Andy Cross, Richard Winslow Downs, Thomas Downs, Liz Hawkes deNiord, Harold Faye, Elizabeth Gemperlein, John Halaka, Chelsea Herman, Michael Johnson, Bill Kelly, Eric Lindbloom, Harry Mattison, Nelle Martin, Mare Martin, Lynne Merchant, Rachel Portesi, James Renner, Jo Anne Russo, F. Sansone, David Schirm, Paul Taylor, Vaune Trachtman, Jenny Yoshida Park

Poets and writers

Susan Narucki, Carolyn Forché, Doug Anderson,
Matthew Burgess, Peter Everwine, Bill Kelly, Chard deNiord

See or purchase the Nocturne Broadside Portfolio here

Photos from the Exhibition

Work from NOCTURNE

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