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Gretchen Abendschein

Altered Book:

The Crock of Gold, James Stephens (1912)

Acrylic painting.

Artist Statement

Shortly after my husband and I got together in 1980, we read The Crock of Gold aloud to one another. It was one of my husband’s favorite books. I would definitely place it in my top five favorites too.

Written by Irish author, James Stephens, and first published in 1912, The Crock of Gold is a whimsical fairytale for adults populated by characters from Irish folklore.

My goal was to create a book cover that reflects the fanciful qualities of this quirky, colorful novel and honor the cherished memory of reading this book for the first time with my husband.

Short Bio

Gretchen Abendschein has always loved to draw. Whether rendering from nature or allowing images to emerge from my inner landscape, drawing puts her in the Zone. These days she just wants to get lost in the process and have fun making art!

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