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Abigail Jones

Altered Book:

The Black Cat, E. A. Poe; woodcuts by Alan James Robinson (1986)

Full leather sewn on three raised bands, three red trees inlaid on covers. Endsheets are original chine collé etchings by Jones.

Artist Statement

I chose to bind this with black leather and red inlays representing the flame and fire that destroyed the narrator’s house. I used my own etchings of hellish landscapes as endsheets.

“The destruction was complete. My entire worldly wealth was swallowed up and resigned myself thenceforward to despair.” —E. A. Poe

Short Bio

Abigail Jones is a book artist, printer, binder, teacher, and collector living in southern Vermont. She is especially interested in black and white illustrations in books. Photographs, etchings, photogravures interacting with the text create a portable work of art when finely bound. When she is not making or recovering books, she is trying to make room for more.

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