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Brian Cohen

Altered Book:

Pierrot Lunaire, Arnold Schoenberg (1912)

Folio of 21 etchings wrapped in fire-retardant foil.

Artist Statement

I was thinking that I might take the contents of Pierrot Lunaire, set the aluminum box aside, and wrap the pages in an emergency blanket as below. It would be unexpected, unassuming, crinkly (not rigid), silvery (reflective), mysterious (no indication what’s in there), plus the book has a shimmering intangibility, reflected in the foil material of the blanket. 

Short Bio

Brian D. Cohen is a printmaker, painter, educator, and writer. In 1989 he founded Bridge Press to further the association and integration of visual image, original text, and book structure. He lives and works in Kennebunk, Maine, where he occasionally stares into the abyss.

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