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California and Morocco

Jinane Abbadi

Altered Book:

The Blood of an Artist

Le Sang d’un Poéte, Jean Cocteau (1948)

Etchings and collage, with photographs by Walter Cotten.

Artist Statement

The book I chose to transform is a written version of The Blood of a Poet, an avant-garde movie made by Jean Cocteau in 1932. This 1962 edition (all letterpress printed) was a gift to me from Walter Cotten. Walter was my friend and my lithography/photography professor at SDSU. Walter had checked out this book from the library and decided to keep it for its beautiful printing. Walter had also visited me in Morocco a few months before his passing and took several photos which he also left me. I have incorporated some of them in this transformation. This book is an homage to him!

Short Bio

Jinane Abbadi is a Moroccan-born multidisciplinary artist residing in San Diego, California. Her interests include colonial and postcolonial studies, Orientalism, and the issues of colonial power dominance and their influence on identity and creativity.

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