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Josh Tonies

Altered Book:

The Herbalist, Joseph E. Meyer (1934)

Digitally printed time-lapse images of monsoon rain clouds.

Artist Statement

In my RE-covered first edition of The Herbalist by Joseph E. Meyer (Hammond Book Company, 1934), I decided to primarily work with the color plates, removing them from the signatures and binding them together. The imagery printed on the color plates is a time-lapse observation from the September monsoon rain clouds forming over Campo in the Mountain Empire area of southeastern San Diego County, California, earlier this year. 

Short Bio

Josh Tonies is an artist who works with drawing and the moving image. His work centers around temporary ecological studies that take form as animation and works on paper. Growing up in the rural Midwest provided a rich ecological backdrop that inspired wonder and stewardship, but it was a challenging social milieu for a queer kid who made comics and stop-motion animations for fun.

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