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Mare Martin

Altered Book:

Klee, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler (1950)

Book on the artist Paul Klee in French/English/German with three original pieces inside front and back covers. Pasted in photo of a Klee artwork.

Artist Statement

My submission to this exhibition is an “Homage to Paul Klee.”

I chose a small book from my Klee collection. The introduction is special in that it is written by his collector and dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler who was also a good friend and had many conversations with Klee about his work.

For the cover, I chose an illustration from his poem “Once emerged from the grey of night…”. I didn’t make a copy but made another version as a collaboration. I made a grid like the original and filled in the squares with the leftover colors from my palette at the end of working each day. I added “ÉTONNÉ MOI” (astonish me), words that Klee used to connect to the Creative.

The painting on the back cover “Two Fountains” (from my garden) was made as a dedication to Klee.

From the book: Klee’s sublime connection with “source” overwhelms and challenges me, his humor balances me, his “re-creations” prove to me that there are no final forms, no final ways, only more movement, more growth, more life, more astonishment. In these respects, he fulfills my deepest needs and feeds my greatest hopes.

Short Bio

Mare Martin is a painter from Opelousas, Louisiana. “I am inspired by the forms and dynamics of the plant, animal, and mineral realms and their connection with the Earth, heavens, seasons, elements, and Myself. My work is about celebration and visual translation of individual and archetypal manifestations of Nature.”

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